NAIA LRA-77700


  • Lantern made of upper housing and lower housing in injected aluminium.
  • The upper housing acts as heat sinker.
  • Lower housing incorporates rear accessory for reversible clamping either lateral or post top.
  • Locking system made of extruded aluminium with manual lever, hinge and safety bar that keeps the lantern open during maintenance operations.
  • Metal frame to support the optical group support.
  • Polyamide 66 + fiberglass frame for ballast clamping.
  • Finished with polyester powder coating RAL 9006. Other colours on demand.
  • IP-66, optical group.
  • IK-10, optical group.
  • Working ambient temperature -30ºC to +50ºC.



L: 670mm
B: 590mm
A: 330mm
H: 115mm



  • From 10W to 100W LED by adjusting the output current through driver programming.
  • Class I.
  • Average life: L80 B10>100,000h.
  • DALI / 1-10V / Time Dimmer / Mains reduction.
  • Up to 32 LED (programmable power from 10 to 100W LED) mounted on a PCB with an electronic circuit.
  • Electronic design for a short-circuiting condition between anode and cathode in case of LED failure, ensuring the performance of the remaining LEDs.
  • PCB board fixed internally on the bottom side of the aluminium module. On the upper, a thermal bridge connects the PCB and the aluminium body.
  • The quality, surface and thickness of he aluminium body allow to optimally dissipate generated heat.
  • Optical lenses with high transmittance, made of PMMA, giving the desired light distribution.
  • Lower diffuser made of flat transparent Methacrylate, sealing the optical group.
  • LED module temperature control, adjustable to desired limit values.
  • Constant luminous flux along LED lifetime.
  • Adjustable start-up time.
  • Power reduction and programmed time dimmer up to 5 different levels.
  • Adjustable power by selection of output current.
  • Optionally, remote management system by incorporating an antenna or a power line control device.



  • 2.200ºK, 2.700ºK, 3.000ºK, 4.000ºK.
  • CRI 70. 80 on demand.
  • FHS <0,1%.
  • Up to 140lm/w according to selected optics and power.
  • More than 5 photometric distributions available depending on the relation between flux emitted forward and backwards, throw and spread,  for and optimal fit to project requirements.



  • Lantern:
    EN 60598-1:2015+AC:2015+AC:2016
    EN 60598-2-3:2003+AC:2005+A1:2011
  • LED Module:
    EN 62031:2008+A1:2013+A2:2015
  • Optical safety:
    EN 62471:2008
  • EMC:
    EN 55015:2013
    EN 61000-3-2:2014
    EN 61000-3-3:2013
    EN 61547:2009
  • Driver:
    EN 61347-2-13:2014/A1:2017
    EN 62384:2006/A1:2009
  • Electromagnetic safety:
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