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ROS Solar



SOLAR ENERGY, particulary, is becoming more and more important. In Europe leading producer of electricity from this kind of energy, there are more and more solar power plants being constructed, and this boom is also spreading over the American and Asian continents. the discussion on the need for energy sources other than fossil fuels has created a general awareness about energy saving, efficiency and a greater awareness about respect for the environment.


With heights of 4, 5 and 6 meters, and 38W, 50W and 63W LED LUMINAIRES, we offer versatile solutions for the lighting of different spaces. The possibility of using the five kinds of optical distribution provided in the luminaires with LED sources allows to choose the best solution for the proposed project requirements.


The OUTDOOR LIGHTING sector has also been involved in this growth. In this way, ROS as lighting manufacturer has taken part in this feeling of awareness about the increasing demand of solutions based on PV energy by developing its range of solar spotlights. In addition, the industrial beginnings of the ROS brand, linked to the metallurgical industry, an activity that involves considerable energy expenditure, have helped us develop a special awareness about energy consumptions and savings in different industrial processes, and that is why ROS has felt particulary attracted by this market segment.


As we know the complexity certain PV energy lighting projects can involve, apart from the proposed solutions which are studied to satisfy the most common needs, at Ros Iluminación we offer to specifically study any other project based on the following four key factors:

> Definition of the functional requirements of the project.
> Performance of a lighting technology study.
> Preparation of the assessment of energy uptake and storage capacity.
> Planning of the implementation of the project in close cooperation with the prescriber.


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